Saturday, February 18, 2012

Because I'm a Woman

I think there are some common misconceptions about me because I'm a woman. Especially in dealing with firearms, an industry dominated by men. (There are major misconceptions about women in general, but that's another topic.) I've developed a thick skin after working with these guys for almost a year. Not much phases me these days (plus I have brothers). But earlier this week, this customer coped a major attitude with me that really made feel uncomfortable. He walks in and sets a pistol on the counter and asks to register this gun. I don't know whether this gun is loaded or what, so I go through the motions, asking the right questions and as I'm relaying pertinent information to him regarding Private Party Transfers in the state of CA he gets on his cell phone while ignoring me because he didn't like what the law dictates or what I was saying. Because I'm a woman! Then, after he realizes we won't do the transfer, he proceeds to move on to Hunter's Safety classes and I let him know the fee, cash or check and he says flatly "card". I repeat myself. He responds with the same answer. I repeat myself again adding a please and something about policy. At this point my heart is beating faster cause I can just feel the tension! I accept the cash and make the transaction to register his boy for the class, then he exits the front door, only to return to ask for a receipt. I let him know his booklet is his receipt, as no one is admitted into Hunter's Ed without the coursework completed. He exits the front door and I finally feel some relief! I ask myself: why are some people are so damn difficult?! As if I really wanted to transfer this gun to this dude anyway. Then, he comes back in with his LE friend (the seller) who asks me why I told this guy that he needs CCW classes to transfer a firearm. I clarfied my position on the subject, reiterated what was required (by law) to register the gun into his friends name. Then, the officer continues to question me because "all of his LE friends transfer pistols without the HSC card..." And because I'm a woman! Yes, I agreed, that's because law enforcement is exempt from this requirement... He's not even listening! But he keeps staring at my chest. At this point, I'm done talking in circles, so I interject and ask one of my guys to confirm what I'm saying. Sure enough, the guys seemed to be somewhat satisfied with that response, only because it came from a man. Boss said I could have used my right to refuse service to anyone just by pointing to the sign. But I didn't feel that was necessary. Now, I'm not bitching, because I'm a woman... I'm just saying, in my experience, most men assume I don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to "man" things like guns. Well, guess what? I do! And if I don't, I'll find out. I pride myself on exuding excellent customer service all with good information - the facts. Lots of women are gun enthusiasts who shoot... Some of these women can perform better than some men I know. Again, just the facts. For the record, I am no different from anyone else just because I'm a woman... And never underestimate the power of an confident, intelligent woman, with a gun.

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  1. Make me a sammich!!


    I like the "gun chick" at the gun store that I go to. I would never treat her that way.