Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Behind the Gun

Who is the one behind the gun? This is a question I not only ask referencing myself, but one I ask myself about others, too... I come in contact with all kinds of different customers every day working at a local FFL dealer with Indoor Shooting Range. People are crazy! That's a fact. And there's no background check currently available that screens mental health. Anyway, without getting into politics and the Giffords shooting or any recent sad stories about Navy officers and murder/suicides, I think it's time to let you know more about who I am and how I got into firearms. Growing up, I loved the outdoors, just not to the extent of hunting with firearms or shooting. I can recall I shot a gun, maybe once. Since I can remember, I was always fascinated with the sky, sun, planets, moon and stars. Through school I played sports and I went camping and fishing with my Dad sometimes... That was about it. As I got older, I began to explore the great outdoors with friends and lovers on short trips here and there to the beach or up to the mountains through the canyon. I even took up water sports and hiking while becoming more and more interested in the stars and planets and how they influence us (astrology), meteor showers, photography and writing. Then, I fell in love with a gun enthusiast two years ago! We now work together. He is an avid outdoorsman, hunter, NRA Member and certified trainer and Range Master. And me? I'm just a girl in a gun shop... I work behind the scenes managing the office. Firearms has been my 9-5 for almost a year! I've not only become more familiar with guns, handling, laws, transfers, safety and shooting but I've obtained my CA CCW, become a DOJ HSC instructor and I am moving towards taking full advantage of all firearms training we provide. My experiences with guns before I started dealing with them weren't good. I had been carjacked and shot at with a .380 and victim of home invasion, twice. So naturally, I associated firearms with fear... And criminals and crime. Now, I am on the other side. I admit, when I started this job I was still afraid! But not anymore... I am a responsible, law-abiding American citizen who chooses to exercise the Second Amendment to the fullest. I am a more confident and empowered young woman who feels damn good about being able to protect herself at almost anytime or anyplace. I hope I never have to use my gun on anyone, but I am prepared to do so. Carrying a weapon has made me much more conscious about how I carry myself, too. My goal is to practice, practice, practice, complete some courses... And become a better shooter and a better person behind the gun.

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  1. Carrying concealed is a lifestyle change that nobody understands until they do it themselves. It's a great feeling know that you or anyone around you won't be a victim. No matter what, you can't stop gun crime. It will always be there, but you can protect yourself from it.

    Great post. Keep up the good writing!