Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Something Is Missing

Last night, there was a scene at the workplace that could have easily gotten out of hand... Fast. A customer came in, made a small purchase and asked to see a long gun. The Manager cleared the weapon and offered to show it when the man took the gun and told us rather matter-of-factly that he was leaving with it today and not paying for DROS or complying with DOJs mandatory 10 day wait as required. (It was later determined that it was his firearm that was in our possession as a consignment.) As they went back and forth, the situation quickly escalated and the customer became argumentative and more hostile with the gun still in his possession. Next thing I know, I was told to call the BPD as this person was becoming more of a threat. Then I thought to myself, something is missing... Where is my gun? It was only 100 feet away in my locker, but still! I felt naked, unarmed. Powerless! Ten minutes later, the man finally left and after no response from the police, I called them back and let them know we were able to resolve it without further incident as the customer explained he was under duress going through a divorce with a restraining order, etc. So we could not help him further. We were reminded that a lot could happen in mere minutes. But I think we learned a lesson... I sure did! I must always have access to my gun, especially while sleeping & working, because you just never know.

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  1. Wow, great story. It goes to show that the police can't protect you. They are a reactionary force. Self-defense and protection of our property is up to us. It sounds like you guys handled that situation well.

    By the way, I'll be in Bakersfield in a couple weeks and fully intend to hit the range while my membership is still valid :)